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WEEK 8-THE FINAL WEEK Well here we are the very last blog for my virtual environments I am glad to say I have really enjoyed my time on second life meeting and experiencing the new ways of life and communicating! The whole experience has been really enjoyable and a great learning experience I really would love to do this module again! Sadly however I haven't had such a great time with the group project I found this a challenge. In the first place as the group I was put in was two students from a different college who aren't getting marked on for the group project therefore leaving me with all the work.Luckily stepstep did make a contribution and decided to do question 2 and 4 it was only for step step which i had any help.I hate that I was put in this situation and had such a bad experience with the group but it really was a struggle and people using the excuse as "they did this module last year" so that it left all the work to me a week before the presentation.I

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